Choosing an elopement over a traditional wedding is becoming a more common choice for couples over the last few years. With the rising costs of weddings, more couples are deciding that an elopement is right for them. Eloping doesn’t just mean running off to the courthouse these days. It can be a beautiful destination wedding by choosing an impossibly beautiful spot you and your partner love and grabbing a few of the most important people in your life.


Eloping can take the stress and expectations and allow you to throw out antiquated traditions that you don’t feel connected to. It is an intentional celebration of two people who want to simply celebrate their love without the fuss of a large wedding.


For Whitney and Trevor, an elopement was the perfect way to solidify their vows in a way that was true to them. They chose Williams, Arizona, a charming city in northern Arizona near the Grand Canyon in the heart of Kaibab National Forest. They put together a small itinerary, chose their wedding venue for their intimate wedding, and set off to get married.


Williams Arizona is located on Historic Route 66. It features a quaint historic American Western village aesthetic featuring shops, government buildings, and museums all dating back to the early 1900s. Williams has served as the gateway to the Grand Canyon, with it just being a short 1-hour drive away. 


The wedding for Whitney and Trevor was held at the Sheridan House Inn, a secluded, cozy adults-only bed and breakfast. Sheridan House Inn sits on a hill nestled in the trees overlooking the town of Williams at an elevation of 7,000 ft. The inn features 8 uniquely themed rooms, each with its own bathroom, upscale amenities for two people, and some with a private balcony to enjoy the peaceful surroundings.


Whitney and Trevor, wearing matching stunning deep greens, crafted their wedding beautifully to capture their personalities and style perfectly. The ceremony was held on the steps of the Sheridan House Inn to capture the beauty while they said their vows. It was a small, intimate affair with Whitney and Trevor surrounded by their closest family and friends. They exchanged their vows and committed their lives to each other. 


The town of Williams offered incredibly unique wedding photo opportunities to capture the bride and groom amongst historical landscapes and backdrops. The wedding photos were a fun event for the whole party as we made our way through town to take photos at the historic courthouse and train depot. We took the opportunity to take wedding photos at the Grand Canyon, so we took a quick detour to get some shots of them in front of the breathtaking scenery. 


The wedding dinner was a gorgeous formal dinner at the Sheridan House Inn. The three-tiered wedding cake was held atop a natural wooden holder adorned with lovely white flowers. After the wedding dinner and cheers, the wedding party made their way to a local bar, the World Famous Sultana Bar. The bar featured an old-timey theme to match the surrounding town of Williams, and everyone had a great time just shooting pool and celebrating the day. 


The day was a special way to celebrate the elopement of Whitney and Trevor. It allowed them to commit their lives to each other in a meaningful way in a fun, beautiful environment. 

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